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The Interview is now available on iTunes

Only a few days ago, we wrote in Applesupportphonenumber about the fear Apple might have of North Korea and the possible reasons that had led it, unlike Google and some independent cinemas, not to offer the possibility of seeing The Interview, the film that has so irritated North Korea and its leaders, the film that has cost Sony one of the biggest computer attacks in history, and undoubtedly, the film that by now already knows half the world by these facts .

Well, just a few hours ago it was confirmed that Apple, after it has been broadcast in hundreds of theatres and millions of downloads of the film, both legal and illegal, have decided that The Interview will be on iTunes along with the rest of the films and other multimedia content in its catalogue .

The Interview is now available on iTunes
The Interview is now available on iTunes

For now, we can find it in the rental mode but only available for the United States , so if we don’t have an American account, we won’t be able to watch the movie until it is released in Spain, unless we have a good level of English and a pretty good command of everything related to P2P networks .

In conclusion, it must be said that although Apple’s first decision against the broadcast of the film was negative , since it yielded to threats from a dictatorial country that did not respect the least bit of human rights content, To rectify now is a correct step, since it must be clear that companies such as Apple or Google, which are a worldwide reference, must be in favour of the respect of the most elementary rights of people above any business or entrepreneurial reason.

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