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The Internet also pays tribute to Steve Jobs

For the first time in 30 years, Time magazine gives the order to its printer to stop printing . That’s how shocking the news of the death of Steve Jobs, one of the greatest visionaries of the digital age, has been. The next issue of this publication with nearly ninety years of history will reach the American newsstands on Friday, joining many other tributes to the late co-founder of Apple.

Meanwhile, the web , free from the logistical problems of the printed format, dresses in mourning accompanying in the feeling of all those who will miss a man who, with his defects and virtues, has already made history. Rival companies such as Google or Amazon, digital media such as Wired or Boing Boing, newspapers such as El Mundo or La Información… all have wanted to mark a date that will be sadly remembered.

The Internet also pays tribute to Steve JobsThe Internet also pays tribute to Steve Jobs

Update: Added several more tributes like the Pixar or Panic tribute, a new tribute video and the support samples in the Apple Store.

Pixar, the other company created by Steve, dedicates to him as Apple’s one last goodbye.

Covers of the next editions of Time and Bloomberg.
Google includes this link to Apple’s website on the search engine’s homepage.
Boing Boing surprises with a complete redesign imitating the interface of the first Macs
Wired dresses in black, offering the phrases in memory of Steve from the main figures in the arts, politics or the business world.
All the traditional media take up their covers with the news, but El Mundo goes one step further and includes the logo of the apple next to its own. practically monopolizes its cover with the admired CEO.
Adobe includes a special block with a photo of Steve with his co-founders and their words.
Similar to Google, Amazon has a small space on its homepage from which they link to the Apple website.
Panic’s web page, developers of Mac applications like Transmit and Coda.
And of course, Steve Wozniak, Apple’s other co-founder, couldn’t miss the appointment either.
Fantastic mashup by Jonathan Mak.
Jim Willdo’s iSad, even Finder can’t keep a smile on his face right now.

Adapted version of Barack Obama’s iconic HOPE poster.
My small and humble contribution, made with Instagram, one of the many applications that probably wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for the iPhone.
Photographs like this are starting to arrive from Apple stores around the world including the Apple stores in Barcelona and Madrid. But of course, it’s the flagship store on Fifth Avenue that has been transformed into a sort of memorial site in the heart of the Big Apple.
Apple Store – La Maquinista in Barcelona, by Macmor.

Another one, taken by our friend Pablo Herrero just a while ago at the Regent Street Apple Store in London.
Tweets using the hashtag

And finally, these emotional Steve Jobs tribute videos, the first based on Apple’s famous Think Different campaign ad and the second, higher quality, with music by Nicholas Hooper: “Dumbledore’s Farewell”.

Leave a comment if you know of more examples of support.

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Internet Sharing also pays tribute to Steve Jobs



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