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The iMac Pro goes on sale today, but what time?

The new iMac Pro from Apple will go on sale today December 14th at a price that is still unknown in Spain.

In the United States, it has a starting price of $4,999 , in Spain, that amount will surely be exceeded by taxes.

The iMac Pro goes on sale today, but what time?
The iMac Pro goes on sale today, but what time?

If we look at the page of Apple , it is currently not for sale, where it only tells us that it will be available today.

The iMac Pro will be the most powerful computer Apple has ever introduced.

The new equipment for professionals, could be on sale in Spain from 19:00 hours in Spain , at least on its website, where we will have the possibility to make the purchase, in addition to the Apple Store.

This new equipment comes to satisfy a sector that felt abandoned by Apple. The Mac Pro was practically a forgotten machine by Apple as soon as it came out. Since 2013 it has not undergone any significant improvement, being really expensive to expand its components.

The new iMac Pro comes with an enormous power to be able to perform in any field that is assigned. It has 8, 10, 14, or 18 cores, depending on the configuration.

The first tests that we have been able to see, have been really satisfactory. A really powerful machine with a spectacular design of 27 inches .

About his design, to put some “but”, it would be the screen frames . A device of these characteristics, at a time when frames are reduced to a minimum in new devices, would have been quite appropriate for this iMac Pro.

If you are interested in buying this new iMac Pro , possibly at 19:00 in Spain would be the time chosen to make the purchase of it.

UPDATE : The new iMac Pro is now on sale for a starting price of 5,499 euros .

What do you think of iMac Pro? Do you think it’s a real solution for professionals? What’s the starting price in Spain?

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