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The iLynx 800, a port hub for iMac

Many times we find it a hassle to connect a USB or FireWire device to the back of our iMac, since we have to turn it, stand up, and even end up getting some grated in time. To solve this problem, Moshi has created the iLynx 800, a hub with four USB 2.0 and two FireWire 800 ports, which we discuss in this article.

If anything bothers me, it’s that when I want to connect a USB or FireWire device to my iMac I have to stand up, turn it over, or blindly touch the back to get the connector in the right place, which has already caused more than one scratch to the connector area of my computer.

The iLynx 800, a port hub for iMac
The iLynx 800, a port hub for iMac

One solution is to have an extension cord always connected, but… what happens when we are short of ports in addition to this problem? To solve this problem, Moshi has created the iLynx 800 , a hub with no less than four USB 2.0 ports and two FireWire 800 ports. We have been testing it for several weeks now, and the truth is that although it may seem useless, we have found it extremely comfortable.

First impressions

The product is undoubtedly the simplest and most practical : a piece that is placed on the base of our iMac, and which is connected to the rear ports of our iMac, as well as having two rubber strips on the bottom to improve its grip on the aluminium. On each side there are two USB 2.0 ports and one FireWire 800 port .

Availability and prices

The iLynx 800 can be found on the Moshi website for $75 and in Macnificos for about 70 euros.

Installation and use

Installing the accessory is very simple, as only the box is ready for use.

After putting it on the base of our iMac, which does not quite fit the contour (we assume that to avoid problems with patents and other issues that are so respected Cupertino), we just have to plug the USB port and FireWire 800 coming out of it to the back of our computer, and we’re ready to start using it.

Without a doubt, a very simple and fast installation.

Materials and Manufacturing

The iLynx 800 is made of plastic with a soft touch and a color like that of Apple’s computers , thus blending in as much as possible with them. In addition, its white sides make it a very Apple-style device.

At the top, we can find the brand logo illuminated, and the bottom stands out mainly because of its two rubber strips that make the device not move too much while it is placed in its place.

As far as this aspect is concerned, if there is anything I have to criticize it is the lack of weight , as I find that an extra contribution of this would give it more and better grip on the aluminium.

Feed and speed

In my case, I tried connecting two portable external hard drives at once via USB, a FireWire hard drive, the iPhone and a USB stick, and it held up perfectly. This is because despite not needing any additional power and being connected to both a USB and FireWire port, the device can use the power from both on the connected device that requires it, making it much more efficient and comfortable to use.

The speed of Moshi’s iLynx 800 is more than acceptable . Having all the devices working, the drop in data transmission rate has been quite noticeable, but when I have only worked with one or two devices (as is usual in most cases) they have held up perfectly, maintaining a more than good speed.



The iLynx 800 is without a doubt a really comfortable port hub to use , fast if we take into account that normally we will not load it to the maximum and that it mimics quite well with our iMac.

As I said before, if I have to criticize something, it’s that was expecting something heavier , thus gaining an extra grip from the two rubber strips it has on its lower face.

In summary: if you need a USB and FireWire hub, it is a option to take into account , although as always in these cases, it will depend on the use that we are going to give each one.

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