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the ideal app for kids in summer

This summer vacation the little ones will enjoy much more free time, so it’s a good time for them to have fun with apps like Kids Safe Video Player, the iPadizate recommendation of the day.

The application is especially focused on them, and offers very varied contents with which they will learn everything they need to know about animals, food, transport, gastronomy, geography, handicrafts…

the ideal app for kids in summer
the ideal app for kids in summer

But, without a doubt, the best thing about Kids Safe Video Player (as its name suggests) is the security it provides for children when watching videos. The app features a Parental Control section that allows parents to select and control videos.

Sami Apps, the company that developed the app, has received the award for best children’s app at the 11th Edition of El Chupete, the First International Children’s Communication Festival. In addition, its app was awarded at the exclusive Best Mobile App Awards.

The Safest Way to View Internet Videos

Kids Safe Video Player is one of the safest applications for children to watch Internet videos and learn while enjoying their favorite cartoon characters. Children will find all kinds of educational videos about animals, geography, food, hygiene, general culture, transport… It even has very cheerful songs for them to dance to!

As previously mentioned, the Kids Safe Video Player application for iPhone and iPad offers parents a Parental Control section through which they can protect their children from unexpected surprises, add new YouTube Kids videos , control multimedia content and even set a timer .

As you can see in the image below, parents will be able to change the language , pre-select the videos and set the timer so that the children go to bed on time.

Favorite songs, crafts, and videos

The app is organized in different themes so that children can do all kinds of activities. With the Crafts , they can learn to make everything from recipes to cardboard racing cars. In the Favourites section you can add your favourite videos to keep them close at hand and watch them over and over again. Finally, in the category Songs children will be able to sing with the videos specially dedicated to them.

Download Kids Safe Video Player for iPhone and iPad

The application is also available at the Google Play Store, here you have the link:

Kids Safe Video Player for Android

Without a doubt, we are looking at one of the best educational applications on the App Store. Keeping kids entertained during the summer holidays is not an easy task, but with this app… they’ll have a blast!

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