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the idea of a high-end iPad in the market

Yagan Kiely y William Hook

What it is right now, the rumors of new iPhone and new iPad are boiling . Analysts’ predictions, indications from the factories in Asia, reliable media sources… everything indicates that this fall we will not have a simple arrival of iOS 5 but we could also see the arrival of new iOS devices.

the idea of a high-end iPad in the market
the idea of a high-end iPad in the market

To get right to it, a rumor has recently broken out about the next iPad model, which insists on a Retina screen and the name ‘iPad HD’. The interesting thing is that this iPad would not replace the current iPad 2, but would become the high-end iPad , something like a iPad Pro . And it doesn’t end there: professional applications like Aperture or even Final Cut would be present on that iPad.

Until now we’ve always had an iPad model. Yes, with 3G or without, and with more or less GB of space, but the same processor, the same amount of RAM, the same battery… Apple might want to change that , showing that we really are in a Post-PC era that cannot be mastered with a single model of device. Well, at the moment it can, but Apple has to take advantage of that advantage it has over the competition.

Not to mention that a ‘professional’ iPad with Final Cut Pro would break the excuse of professionals demanding a full Mac OS X computer for video editing. All it takes is for Cupertino’s labs to come up with a sensational way to edit video professionally on the iPad, launch an iPad with four times the definition and more powerful and boom! The Post-PC era has taken a giant leap with all advanced and veteran users reconsidering the tablet. In terms of video conversion performance, we’ve already discovered that the iPad behaves more than decently.

And that high-end iPad… how much would that cost? Until now, the iPad has been an excellent replacement for ordinary users, and the advantage is that it was even less than half the price of a MacBook Pro. But that pro iPad could focus on replacing a powerful MacBook Pro , or even a Mac Pro. And that’s why we might be talking about an iPad that’s so powerful it might need a ventilation slot, as in the patent we discovered last April.

That’s why perhaps, when we’re all waiting for a replacement for the iPad 2 at the same price as it, we may find the survival of the iPad 2 as the most popular iPad and the arrival of an ‘iPad HD’ aimed at professional users and at a higher price. The iPad would have more models, to cover even more of the market and provoke the total desperation of the competition . And if that is the case, a presentation of that high-end iPad in autumn makes sense. As always, it’s time to wait.


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