The History of OSx86, Part of the History of the Mac Too (Part I)

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A very interesting story I read in the InsanelyMac forums , written by the founder himself about the history of the PC version of Mac OS X. It is part of the history of Apple and our Macs, since thanks to him many PC users got to know our platform after becoming interested in iPods, and ended up with a “real” Mac . That happened to Swad , the main character in this story.

I’ve translated the most important parts of it, so you won’t miss any details…

The History of OSx86, Part of the History of the Mac Too (Part I)
The History of OSx86, Part of the History of the Mac Too (Part I)

The boy tells the story from his perspective. For him, it all began on June 6, 2005, when reading his daily news websites, he saw a certain Steve Jobs ( a name he barely knew ) announce that Macs were being upgraded to Intel processors . For a while, he had been interested in Macs but the different architectures made emulation difficult ( and installation impossible ). During the following summer, blogs and web pages only rumored that theoretically, the new version of Tiger for Intel could run on a PC with small changes. It was rumored that someone had obtained the disks of the developer version of WWDC2005… and that they would soon be circulating on the Internet.

The x86 version of Tiger seemed to be on one of the most popular BitTorrent trackers: Demonoid . However, that version and many others were just fakes , and there were a few weeks of “relative calm”. Swad founded the irc osx86 channel that would later give rise to the popular website and that a few months ago would evolve into .

In July 2005 it happened: In Demonoid a file called “mactel.tar” appeared, containing files of the Intel version of Tiger . Even though it wasn’t really the installation disk, hackers and programmers from all over the world started working to try to combine that data with parts of Darwin , the Mac OS X UNIX kernel that had been around for a long time on PC. That didn’t work.

On July 30th a exact copy of the developer version of Tiger was “got”, the same one that was included in the machines that Apple was giving to the programmers. As an anecdote, it is curious to know that this copy came from a company that made software for Mac . Therefore, the user who made the copy of that disk didn’t realize it and created a .dmg from the DVD, which delayed the OSx86 project for a while because people on their PCs couldn’t open that format… ( that stuff )

With the original DVD in the hands of the OSx86 people, they began programming patches to validate the TPM protection ( Trusted Platform Module ) and include an Intel SSE3 instruction emulator . It wouldn’t take long for people to have Mac OS X on their PCs.

So far… When Swad published his other chapter, we will comment on it in Apple too…


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