the Great Renewal we’ve all been waiting for

After months and months of waiting, Apple has finally introduced iOS 7 , the new version of the operating system that will be used by our iPad and iPhone. So far, we have only seen the iPhone version of the system in operation, but the company has promised that it will soon release the first beta of the iPad and iPad Mini version as well.

The presentation of iOS 7 was made by Craig Federighi (Apple’s Vice President of Software Engineering), who was ranked as a true showman after the presentation of the operating system. Craig reviewed many of the new features of iOS 7 and now we are going to make our own version.

the Great Renewal we’ve all been waiting for
the Great Renewal we’ve all been waiting for

Are you ready? These are the main new features of iOS 7 :

Control Center

This is probably one of the most requested new features in iOS 7. Control Center will allow us to quickly access certain features without having to navigate through different menus . With Control Center, you always have ” a shortcut to ” buttons ” with which you can activate/deactivate airplane mode, Bluetooth, WiFi, in Do Not Disturb mode, adjust screen brightness or music playback controls.

In addition to these shortcuts to terminal settings, we will also have shortcuts to other features such as: flashlight (and Apple will load hundreds of apps that have the same function), timer, calculator, camera, AirDrop and also AirPlay.

To access this new menu, we will simply have to slide a finger from the bottom of the screen upwards, i.e. exactly the opposite movement we make to display the Notification Center.


It was one of the last minute rumors and it was finally confirmed. iOS 7 will feature AirDrop , the feature that Apple released on Macs some time ago. This feature will allow us to send or receive files (photos, videos, contacts…) wirelessly. AirDrop will be compatible with both other iOS devices and Macs.

After so much time asking Apple to make it easier to send and receive files, it seems we finally have a convenient way to do so, although unfortunately this feature will only be compatible with the latest devices (apparently due to hardware limitations of the integrated WiFi card).

Real multitasking

This is another common request among iOS users. A real multitasking, which works with all the applications of the operating system.

With iOS 7, applications in the background will be able to be updated if needed. Apple has said that the new multitasking will be ” smarter ” and that it will be able to determine whether an application should continue to use system resources while in the background or whether it should leave it ” asleep “.

The multitasking interface has also changed, no more small icon bar at the bottom. With iOS 7, multitasking will show a thumbnail of the full screen, allow us to scroll through the different apps in the background and, to close it, we will simply ” throw them ” upwards in the style of the battered webOS (the last operating system that Palm created before it disappeared).

Notification Center

The new iOS 7 Notification Center has also received a new interface and new features. The new Notification Center is divided into three parts , three tabs with which Apple intends to have a better organization of the notifications. The first tab will show the most recent notifications and also the next events of the Calendar. In the second one we will be able to access a history with all the notifications that we have received throughout time and in the last one a list with the recent notifications that we have not seen yet.

As for the new interface, the iOS 7 Notification Center abandons the solid background color and adopts a translucent background, much more in line with the new design of the operating system.

Camera and Photos

The implementation of iOS 7 has undergone a major overhaul. The new Camera adopts a new system for switching between different operating modes, a much faster and more agile system. With these new modes now we can switch between photography, video, square and panoramic photography simply by sliding your finger through the different options . In addition, it will also be possible to take pictures with different filters in the style of Instagram.

The application we use to view photos stored on our iPhone or iPad has also undergone major changes. The new application now allows you to view photos by ” moments “. This means that the organization is more intelligent and the device will be able to show us the photos grouped according to the time and place they were taken. Without a doubt a very interesting function that will help us locate our images faster and relive those moments that will not be repeated.


Apple couldn’t forget about Siri in the new version of iOS. The Digital Assistant also has a new design and like other parts of the operating system, it abandons the solid background for a translucent one.

In addition, Apple has promised improvements in voices, male and female voices, and also improvements in features. In fact, the Siri that will include iOS 7 will be able to consult information on sites such as Twitter, Wikipedia or Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

As for the integration with the operating system, it seems that Apple has also worked on it and now Siri will be able to interact with the system settings or even return a call, something that was not possible until now.

General redesign of the operating system and native apps

Of course the new design of iOS 7 affects all parts of the operating system, both the different menus and the native apps. Everything has been redesigned, Apple abandons completely the skeumorphism present in iOS and has opted for a much flatter design, with white backgrounds and details in different colors .

Without a doubt, this is a much lighter, fresher and minimalist design, but above all it is a design that breaks completely with what we have seen up to now in iOS . The interaction with the devices will be similar, but the user experience will change completely thanks to this new design devised by the mind of Jony Ive, the same person who has designed all the Apple hardware in recent years.

Apple has taken many things into consideration and has even taken the opportunity to change the design of the coverage indicator. iOS 7 abandons the typical bar graph and will now show the coverage level with a five-point graph, the more points ” pinch ” the system, the better the signal from the mobile network.

When will iOS 7 arrive and what devices will it support?

After reviewing all these features you are probably wondering when iOS 7 will arrive? The answer is not specific, Apple has not announced a day, it has only said that it will arrive sometime next fall (from the northern hemisphere). The company may announce the release of the final version along with the next generation of the iPhone or even the next generations of iPad and iPad Mini.

The list of devices that will be compatible with iOS 7 is as follows:

  • iPhone 4.
  • iPhone 4S.
  • iPhone 5.
  • 5G iPod Touch.
  • iPad 2.
  • iPad 3.
  • iPad 4.
  • iPad Mini.

Not all devices will be able to access all the new features of iOS 7 , if you want to know which features your device will be compatible with and which will not, take a look at this article where we explain it in detail.

So… what do you think of the new iOS 7?

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