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The Google Maps SDK is updated, now available to all iOS developers

Google Maps SDK para iOS

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The Google Maps SDK is updated, now available to all iOS developersThe Google Maps SDK is updated, now available to all iOS developers

Google Maps landed a few months ago on iOS. Now that it’s settled, Google has decided that it’s time to update its iOS SDK and allow developers the option to integrate its mapping service freely instead of asking for authorization, thus displacing Apple’s. From version 1.1 of the SDK, developers will also be able to include in their apps the option of which maps they want to open addresses on.

After appearing in iOS to save terrified users with the iOS 6 Native Maps application, it only remained for us that the Google mapping service could go beyond being an external application, and this was only possible by releasing the SDK to the developers .

So, the Mountain View released yesterday the 1.1 update of the Google Maps SDK for iOS , which opened the map API to all third party applications that want to integrate the Google map service, integrating support for layers, gestures and so on.

This puts Apple’s maps in check, which by the decision of many developers, will be relegated to official Apple applications and little else. We are probably facing one more victory for Google because of Apple itself , having released an unfinished mapping service in its first months, and which cost them the bad reputation that nobody will take away from them, even though they already work quite better.

Until now, if a developer wanted to integrate Google Maps into iOS, they had to send a request of interest to Google and have it accepted, while Apple Maps were directly integrated into Xcode for instant integration into the application. Now however, from version 1.1 of the Google Maps SDK we can download this software freely and integrate Google Maps into our application.

But this does not end here, because if your application does not use maps itself, but is capable of opening addresses, with the new Google Maps SDK we can make the application show the user the option of whether to open the map in iOS Maps or Google Maps , something similar to what many applications already do when we open links: open in Safari or Chrome?

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