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The Google App for iOS, Now with Material Design

The giant of the most used search engine, Google, has today launched its updated iOS search app ready for the iPhone 6 , offering now support for both the 4.7 inch screen of the new Apple phone, and the 5.5 inch screen of the Plus model.

Another important renewal that brings with it the Google app is that now, as we advanced in the headline, offers a new interface updated to Material Design , the characteristic interface that the search engine company is giving to all its apps in Android 5.0 Lollipop, progressively.

The Google App for iOS, Now with Material Design
The Google App for iOS, Now with Material Design

Here you can see what the new app interface looks like. Among other things we see the appearance of two new buttons at the bottom of the app.

Image of the updated Google app interface, in the center (bottom) we see the direct button to Google search

The button that we can see above and that corresponds to the “G”, from the Google logo , now takes us faster back to the search, no matter where we are in the app. In fact, now leads directly to the search.

Also, just say “OK Google” and the Google application’s voice assistant ( a company that recently also prepared their Google Hangouts app to allow free calls between users) will assist you by listening to all your requests and interpreting your voice commands.

Other small changes made: Recent button

At the top right, in the app, there is a button that takes us to the pages that we have recently visited while surfing the Net, so that visually we can go to another page, with all comfort and speed.

Below we can see a browser window where sweaters are being searched.

And yes, if you surf with Safari on your iPhone, the interface will sound very familiar, because it looks so much like it.

Where is the nearest supermarket or pharmacy?

In Google Maps , an application that has recently been replaced in iOS by Maps, it is also possible to perform searches, showing the results in our immediate environment , if available. For example, if we search for pharmacies or supermarkets, we will be shown results near our location.

But beware, the novelty introduced in the Google app for iOS does not stop there as we have known thanks to idownloadblog. If you can’t figure out how to get to the specific site, just access the Street View and you’ll see how easy it is to get to the site you’re looking for. We can think of many more places you can search for like hotels, restaurants or take the opportunity to get information on the next flights you can choose from.


This is a very interesting update for iOS on the iPhone and iPad, will you take advantage of it this Christmas? You’ll probably find more news if you look into it, small ones at that.

For example, another novelty but you’ll probably appreciate is that the app works in a more fluid way . This way, it is not only a nice app adapted to the new Google design lines, but it also offers an excellent performance.