The game blok. becomes FREE for a limited time

We return with our selection of free games that are worth playing, in this case we present you blok. , an interesting minimalist puzzle with an immersive music.

This kind of games are really interesting because they are simple, pleasant to look at and with a musical environment that you are sure to fall in love with.

The game blok. becomes FREE for a limited time
The game blok. becomes FREE for a limited time

We’ve been testing it out and it’s true that the first levels are really simple, but quickly starts to get complicated and the category of the game, puzzle, takes effect.

This puzzle game has a minimalist design , where “only”, we will have to slide through the blocks to achieve our goal. The main features are the following:

  • 80 levels of reflection
  • Different mechanics
  • 11 languages
  • Game Center
  • 9 challenging achievements
  • Flat design
  • Challenge with brilliant brain skills

We like this kind of games, we won’t deny it, they’re the typical ones that are meant to hang out but in the end you’re just flying by like you’re not controlling it.

It has currently been updated and adapted for the iPhone X screen , but remember that in order to play it, we need at least iOS 7.0 or later. Yes, I’m sure most of you don’t have an iPhone with that version anymore.

But if you give a second life to some older device, it’s good to know that you can also install blok . and spend an afternoon of glory with this interesting game. If you have an iPad , you should know that there is also a version for it, so there are no excuses to play it.

Another interesting fact is that there are no integrated purchases and no subscriptions. So we download for free for a limited time and we can play as many times as we want without having to pay a penny.

Download this game

What did you think of this blog? Did you get to download it for free?

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