The Galaxy S5 is the fastest selling Galaxy

Far from being the failure that some analysts announced, Samsung’s Galaxy S5 seems to be on its way to surpassing all sales records . In just one month, Samsung has managed to sell 10 million Galaxy S5s in the 125 countries where it is sold, which corresponds to practically all markets.

Samsung, like Apple, Sony or many other brands, are very big , so much so that there is always someone interested in destabilizing them. With this aim in mind, sometimes hoaxes, news or analyses are launched that do not reflect reality, but which many readers and journalists believe.

The Galaxy S5 is the fastest selling Galaxy
The Galaxy S5 is the fastest selling Galaxy

A clear example of this is the rumour that Samsung saw a failure in the sales of the latest model launched, the Galaxy S5. They thought they were going to get many more, or they simply thought their device deserved a better reception.

The point of this rumor that made headlines came at the time when the South Korean company’s chief designer requested his dismissal, allegedly because of criticism received by the Galaxy S5 . But the fact remains that the smartphone is achieving good results.

The Galaxy S5 sells much better than the S4, S3 or S2

As we learned today, just one month after the Samsung flagship was released , 10 million units have been shipped . We don’t know how many of the shipped smartphones will have been sold to end customers by now, but the ratio is certainly quite high.

This sales figure is higher than the record sales of the Galaxy S4 , which was also considered a failure for the Seoul-based company. However, far from criticism, the truth is that each new version of Samsung’s Galaxy S range sells better than its predecessor and that is that they are doing something right.

Perhaps the problem with all this is that Samsung doesn’t get the pull Apple has with its iPhone , which surpasses sales records year after year during the first weekend it is on sale. In spite of this, Samsung sells more units globally and does not do badly.

Samsung is shipping Galaxy S5 units at a higher rate than any previous version

As a matter of figures and contrasting the sales of this model, the Galaxy S3 took 50 days to reach that figure and the S2 took 5 months to move those volumes of units , as we are told from Ibitimes. I certainly don’t see why we should be so nervous about sales of a device when they are so good.

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