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The Galaxy Note 4 could be available on October 20th for 769

The new Galaxy Note 4 could arrive in late October

It goes without saying that the arrival of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has created a huge stir in the smartphone market . After being presented and launched in the first countries, nobody has any doubt that Apple has done it again and has surprised many users who no longer believed in the company.

The battle to be the best smartphone is on and Apple does not want to waste time or give up more ground to its most direct competitors . But Tim Cook’s guys aren’t the only ones who want to hit the table to make it clear who’s boss, since Samsung and his new Note 4 are also ready to enter the battle .

The Galaxy Note 4 could be available on October 20th for 769
The Galaxy Note 4 could be available on October 20th for 769

At the moment we do not know when the new device will be released or what its price will be, but something we have been able to see is that a Note 4 has appeared on Amazon Germany with a quite surprising price . But its price is not the only thing that attracts attention, since in the same image there is also a availability date that points to October 20 as the day chosen for the first units to start shipping. We don’t know if this will be true or not, but if so, we would have to wait almost a month for the day to arrive.

A device that could quickly lower its price

But it is not only the possible date of departure that has been discussed, since a price has also been filtered in a different link that would point to an amount of 769 . Some of the details that have become known (at least in theory) about the new Galaxy Note 4 suggest that it would come equipped with an Exynos 64-bit, 20nm variant and would include a large number of new features.

On the other hand, it has also been possible to know through a study of the Idealo boys, that the price of the Note 4 will fall much faster than that of the previous models . As pointed out by The Free Android, there is talk that this drop could reach 34% in the first quarter alone.

Of course, we cannot take any of this data as a reliable reference of the new device, as this is not official news from the company. The only thing to do is to wait for more news and to know all the details of the new Samsung Note 4.

Do you think that the data you have been able to see through these images is real? Share your opinion with us, we would like to know.

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