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The Future iPhone Could Get Rid of Unsightly Antenna Bands

One of the most criticized aspects of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, in addition to its camera that protrudes beyond the limits of the smartphone, was the design of its controversial antenna, with those bands that mark the top of the iPhone. It is true that not everyone dislikes this design, but it seems that this will be the last time we see something like this, Apple is working on a new metal that will say goodbye to the antenna bands .

The truth is that those bands, highly unsightly for many, are due to the metal used by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus would create interference if they didn’t have those bands, which would cause bad coverage or connection failures. Do you remember what happened with the iPhone 4? We tell you more details about the new material that Apple has prepared for the future iPhone.

The Future iPhone Could Get Rid of Unsightly Antenna Bands
The Future iPhone Could Get Rid of Unsightly Antenna Bands

According to a patent Apple filed with the US patent office a few days ago, the future iPhone 6s or 7 could get rid of the antenna bands that the latest models have . All thanks to a new material that Apple has invented, which does not interfere with the operation of RF antennas.

The patent is called “Non-capacitive or radio frequency transparent and anodized metal-looking materials. The structure describes a composite material, which has the appearance of a thick, anodized metal, but is a better conductor of frequencies and would be used by Apple to cover the antenna part of the future iPhone. It is also described that the composite material would have an oxide layer that mimics metal and would have a non-capacitive layer over that same layer. These composite structures also do not interfere with the operation of the panels or touch screens, and can be used for them as well.

Metal is generally a high capacitive material, it cannot be used to cover capacitive touch panels, touch screens or other similar sensors. Therefore, this new material that imitates metal could be used for those sensitive parts that require no metal to interfere with the signal or create a malfunction.

This would lead to the next iPhone 7 perhaps being completely made of metal , with no different parts interfering with its cover, although in reality these interference-sensitive parts would be covered by this new material that Apple would have designed, as we have known thanks to iDownloadBlog. What we don’t know is if this new material, which is better conductor, would be more or less resistant than the metal that Apple currently uses. We do not have any information about this.

Do you like the antenna band design of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus?

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