The fourth watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 developer betas have arrived

After the betas, if we just announced that Apple has released the fourth beta for developers of iOS 11 and High Sierra macOS, it’s time for watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 . Apple has just released to developers the fourth beta version of the next operating system for its smart clock (Apple Watch) and its Apple TV.

At the moment, Apple is focusing on improving performance and debugging errors in both software. We will be testing and discovering possible new features as we research watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 . You’ll be able to see these new features in this post, which we’ll be updating.

The new features of watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 are more than they seem

The fourth watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 developer betas have arrived
The fourth watchOS 4 and tvOS 11 developer betas have arrived

If we start with watchOS 4, Apple seeks to polish the software that carries its smart clock, for them introduces many interesting improvements that were presented in the last WWDC 2017 such as

  • Siri is much smarter and more proactive, the wizard will be able to automatically adapt to our needs with a new user interface in the form of cards in the style of iOS 11 or Google Now.
  • New spheres, spheres that will please everyone. Among these we find one very focused on Siri, and similar, why not say it, to Google Now. We also have spheres from Toy Story and even a mandala.
  • If you are an active person, you will love the renewal to the Activity application, because it has improved a lot so you can meet the objectives you set every day.

On the part of tvOS 11 the novelties are almost null

The news of tvOS 11 I think have already been more than commented by all of us. If you have found them I hope you tell me because of the comments, because they are null, except for the arrival of Amazon Prime Video announced by Tim Cook in his short presentation.

This was the only novelty of tvOS 11, something that seems mediocre to us, that such a young operating system only has these novelties. We expect more from Apple in the not so distant future.

Leave us in the comment box all your impressions about these betas.

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