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The fourth revision of 1Password, available on the Mac App Store

We were waiting for it and today, finally, after more than a year of hard and laborious work, the fourth revision of the password management application, 1Password, appears on the Mac App Store. Loaded with great internal news, new features and a redesign of the interface, 1Password wants to continue being, even more, the leader of the sector. And to celebrate, we will be able to acquire it, temporarily, with a 20% discount.

The fourth version of the password management application , 1Password, is now available to all OS X users directly from the Mac App Store. Without a doubt, it comes to us, one of the most powerful applications in this field. More than a year of hard work to, make a major qualitative leap and give your users the highest quality and security possible.

The fourth revision of 1Password, available on the Mac App Store
The fourth revision of 1Password, available on the Mac App Store

As we have already said, it has been more than a year of intense work. As they say, in their own blog, the AgileBits guys, have been 62 alpha versions , 96 beta versions , more than 20,000 people who have tested every corner of this new version of 1Password and a improved internal structure . All this will be rewarded as long term customers will continue to use the service and will catch many new users who were undecided. For these undecideds, and temporarily, the price of the application will be reduced by 20%, leaving the final price at 35.99 euros .

  • Renewed interface: A completely renewed interface adapted to the new OS X Mavericks system.
  • Multiple and collective cameras: With the creation of separate “cameras” we can share with our family or with our work so that everyone will have a preference for timing and location. It is a way to isolate according to our preferences.
  • Reduced version 1Password: A utility that will allow us to access all the functions of the application in a quick and easy way.
  • Shared Items: We can share items individually with another person either via email or through iMessage, just as you do in the iOS version of the application.
  • 256-bit encryption: 1Password not only keeps your information completely private but also prevents it from being manipulated by anyone.
  • Wi-Fi Synchronization: This has been one of the tools most demanded by users. It is a way to sync with our iPhone or iPad, but without keeping the data stored in the cloud.
  • Synchronization with iCloud.
  • Favorites: Another of the most requested features, the possibility to quickly access our most important elements.
  • Integration with third party applications.

As we can see, they haven’t spent more than a year working in vain. The revision of 1Password comes loaded with news and new features that make it worth every euro that the company tells us. Its ease of use and its commitment to the security of our passwords has made it the standard for password management applications . It is certainly worth the price to pay for the use we are going to give it. I encourage you to try it out.

1 Password (35,99 euros)

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