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The four services yet to be revealed and that we could see tomorrow Monday. Rumorsphere

The followers of the Bitten Apple have an unavoidable appointment with the company tomorrow, March 25th. Apple has invited media from all over the world to attend its Keynote under the slogan “It’s showtime”, in a clear attempt to manage the expectations of what we will see tomorrow.

We review the four services that Apple is working on according to the rumors that have occurred in the last three years. Services that we do not know completely what they will be called.

Apple Studios and Apple News Premium

The four services yet to be revealed and that we could see tomorrow Monday. Rumorsphere
The four services yet to be revealed and that we could see tomorrow Monday. Rumorsphere

Apple has been hiring and working on its series, film and documentary initiative for several years. What we are clear about is that, although it is a catalog of more than twenty proposals in varying degrees of advancement, is not enough to drive an independent service.

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Since Cupertino they wouldn’t look to have a lot of medium and high quality content like Netflix and they would bet on having little but high quality (not in vain he looks to win prizes with them). Therefore, Apple would be choosing to group the offers of other providers such as HBO, Starz and Showtime under a subscription that would mean a small saving. And it would take advantage of this to sprinkle the “basket” with its own content as a way of making it more attractive.

It is expected that the version of Apple News Premium will bring to the table the work done after the acquisition of Texture, a service that gave access to 200 magazines for $10 a month. In addition, Apple will incorporate other online media. In fact, rumors are that Vox Media and the Wall Street Journal (one of the three major media outlets in the country) will be on that service.

This service has been rejected by the New York Times and the Washington Post, mainly because of doubts about the revenue model proposed by Apple (not about traffic, since Apple News is already an important channel for many media).

A card with Goldman and a video game service

While we can assume that Apple will present the content service and the news service, this is not the case with the other two. We’ve been hearing for some time that Apple is flirting with the idea of going a little further with Apple Pay and its app Wallet.

It is rumored that the CEO of the well-known investment bank Goldman Sachs will attend tomorrow’s event. According to this, it is a sign that a new service is coming, where both companies will show a credit card associated to Wallet. The iOS 12.2 update would include a redesign of this app to integrate a personal financial system in the style of other fin-tech sector apps.

At AppleWhy Apple isn’t moving away from hardware to become a service company

Last month it was revealed that Apple was planning to launch a premium video game service. Now, Bloomberg has just collected more details of the service, giving us a better idea of Apple’s supposed plans.

Apparently, it will have nothing to do with the services of other companies like Steam, Microsoft or Google (recently with Stadia). It would be about giving access to games from the iOS App Store that are paid for, in exchange for a monthly subscription. Therefore, it would exclude free games with integrated purchases.

These two services are the ones that seem to be the least advanced . This is the reason why tomorrow we could see a preview of the first two, with a release date in the next months, while the card and the video game service may have to wait longer to see them for the first time.

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