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The folding iPhone will not be a reality at Apple at the moment

We saw Samsung take a cold pitcher of water with them because of the Galaxy Fold that came out of them. Many of the units that have been handed over to the media have presented different relevant failures as a result of a technology that is not yet fully mature. This makes us think about the possible folding iPhone that has been rumored so much but we believe that it will take many years to see it become a reality and in this article we tell you why.

Apple will seek perfection in the folding iPhone

There is no doubt that making a folding mobile phone has a lot of merit because of the amount of work it has, but the rush has played a bad trick on Samsung. They wanted to be the first to launch a device with this concept and has been really bad a priori, waiting to see if Huawei get a device with a better quality but for that we will have to wait until the second half of 2019.

The folding iPhone will not be a reality at Apple at the moment
The folding iPhone will not be a reality at Apple at the moment

In the past Apple surprised us all with innovation in their new devices but now it seems that they have fallen behind their competitors with respect to this folding technology, but the truth is that they have wanted to be careful . Apple’s strategy has changed from being the first to being the best. After some pretty bad releases due to hardware failures we have seen how Cupertino’s company has wanted to take their time and correct and prevent this kind of mistakes in their teams before their release, something we also saw with iOS 12.

We saw this recently with the AirPower when we decided not to launch it after two years of work because it did not meet the quality standards and we believe that something similar is happening with the ‘iPhone Fold’ . We are talking about a tremendously immature and very delicate technology and that is why we believe it should be outlined before it sees the light of day. While someone should be the first to launch it and this is where both Samsung and Huawei have been very brave.

And what will Apple do with the iPad?

Apple too must think about its own ecosystem since in the first reviews of Galaxy Fold we have seen that we can have an iPad in our pocket by categorizing this mobile as a ‘folding tablet’ and not a ‘folding mobile’. With the hypothetical launch of a folding iPhone in the distant future, the truth is that the iPad could be meaningless if it continues with the same functions as it has until now.

Because of iOS the iPad is currently categorized as a ‘big iPhone’ . This would be fulfilled already in a folding iPhone we could have almost 8 inches of screen something that makes us rethink the usefulness of tablets in the future market. This is something that should also be studied and one more reason to think that Apple is far from making this important leap in its history.

What we hope is that when they take the leap, it will be with a studied and solid product that a priori we will see a foolish but that they will end up selling it to us with good functions and above all for its stability. Here they would rescue that essence of Steve Jobs to release a product that covered a need that not even the user knew he had. It can be assumed that they are not the first ones in favor of stability and more so now that a small misstep can be very hard since we remember that Apple is controlled by the magnifying glass of all public opinion.

These are the reasons we believe exist to think that we will not see an ‘iPhone Fold’ a priori, do you share them? Leave your reasons in the comment box.