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The first unboxing of the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED appears

After the official launch of the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED , the first unboxing of the terminal begins to arrive.

The Apple Spain press office does not consider us, despite being the only exclusive channel about Apple with more than half a million followers. So we will be doing our own unboxing as soon as it is received by the Apple Store in Spain to be able to share it on the channel and the web, just as we did with the new iPad 2018 .

The first unboxing of the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED appears
The first unboxing of the iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED appears

So for the time being, we will have to make do with the good work done by other colleagues in the sector. In this case through the Marques Brownlee channel, where he has done an excellent job.

After the criticisms from users for launching a red iPhone with a white front, Apple has listened to its customers. So in this special edition, they have decided to launch the first model with a completely black front.

The back, leaving behind the aluminium, the red colour takes on another shade with a really interesting finish. It also becomes the first red iPhone to use this new material of glass that allows wireless charging by induction.

The truth is that the combination is really right, at least in our opinion, for tastes (and never better), the colors. We remind you that this special edition will not be permanently on Apple’s shelves, so if you want to get one, you’d better not think about it too much.

The price of this “new” terminal is exactly the same as the current iPhone 8, as well as its features, but with the difference that this model will allocate a part of the profits to the Global Fund to fight AIDS .

Deliveries for the new iPhone 8 (PRODUCT) RED in the UK will begin from April 17th , but you can already reserve a unit on the official Apple website.

What do you think of this new iPhone 8 in red? Will you buy it? Would you have liked to see an iPhone X in this colour?

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