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The first unboxing of the iPhone 7

As we commented in last Wednesday’s presentation, the new iPhone 7 will not be available until this Friday, September 16th. It should be noted that Apple is usually very strict with release dates and perfectly controls that no iPhone is leaked before the date set. However, there are always some distributors who avoid the rule to show the packaging of the new iPhone 7. Let’s get to it.

First unboxing of the iPhone 7

The model corresponding to the one in the image of the unpacking is the glossy black , that is, the most premium version of those available. Remember that this glossy black version is only available in two storage options: 128 and 256 GB. In addition, this is a colour and a new terminal , so all the company’s customers want to see the terminal in their hands as soon as possible.

The first unboxing of the iPhone 7
The first unboxing of the iPhone 7

The distributor has not only violated Apple’s restriction, but has also decided to share the images on social networks.

As we can see in this first image, the smaller terminal would correspond to the glossy black , while the larger device would be the matt black. On the other hand, the glossy black box would be black , unlike the matte one whose box would be white , as we are used to in Cupertino.

New iPhone 7 Jet Black case

Apparently we found no great differences in the packaging compared to the other models of the firm. One of the reasons why the distributor did not want to show how it works was to avoid any kind of conflict with the Californians and thus act with some caution. In any case, we only have three days left to see the first iPhones 7 in operation and to learn the first analyses of the terminal. Will the American firm achieve the objectives set with this new terminal?

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