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the first reviews show us the new Apple phone

The iPhone XR can be booked from tomorrow, as we have seen. However, the first reviews and tests of the device are already appearing on the web. Perfect for getting to know the phone better if you’re undecided.

As we know, the iPhone XR includes many of the advantages and features that the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS have. However, Apple has managed to reduce its price by modifying some of these features so that they are not as dependent on hardware as they are on software . For example, portrait mode or 3D Touch are activated by software and not with a double camera and a sensor on the screen respectively.

the first reviews show us the new Apple phone
the first reviews show us the new Apple phone

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Several journalists and youtubers who have had access to the new phone seem to agree on one thing: this iPhone is much more than we can see at first glance . And it’s not only a matter of colors, but also of what it has inside. The interior we remember has an A12 chip like the other iPhones.

In the coming days we will be able to see more in detail this new phone and analyze some of its most intriguing functions, such as the operation of that single camera or if it has something to do with the fact that the screen is still LCD.

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