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The first review of iPhone X is now available

The iPhone X is generating an expectation out of context wherever you look, this does not surprise any of us given that regardless of its high cost, which is justified by many factors, it is being seen at an inordinate speed. The fact is that we, or at least most of us, before buying either a mobile phone, a computer part or in general anything electronic, we do some research on the Internet to find out about the product in question, that is, a review, but how can we see something like that from a thing that has not even been released for sale yet? Until recently it was impossible, but an American youtuber has published the first review of the iPhone X.

Despite all the differences we can find between the smartphone that symbolizes the tenth anniversary and the others, the user says that has been able to adjust to these characteristics in relatively little time because the terminal is extremely comfortable. He says he is starting to lose the habit of pressing the home button so characteristic of the iPhone in previous models and the iPad.

The first review of iPhone X is now available
The first review of iPhone X is now available

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Basically what this person wanted to show in the video is the new features of the terminal, i.e. Face ID and so on. Obviously and as it is common to see in reviews, has compared the iPhone X with previous models from the same manufacturer, ie, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. As expected, more videos and content in general about the iPhone X will start to appear next week because that’s when it will see its final release, i.e. November 3rd, and you? are you going to buy it?

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