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The first potential Apple Stores in the UK are starting to take shape


So far, all the rumors about the Spanish Apple Store have been rather confusing, with several possible sites and no seemingly clear data . The most certain thing we had was the fight between Apple and Mango for that place in Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and as we said, it seems that finally it was Mango who ended up showing the briefcase full of tickets and keeping the place.

The first potential Apple Stores in the UK are starting to take shapeThe first potential Apple Stores in the UK are starting to take shape

However, the guys at ifoAppleStore are quite confident with two locations in particular: Madrid and Barcelona . And yes, it seems that finally the first two official Apple stores will be opened in the Xanadu shopping centre in Madrid and in the La Maquinista shopping centre in Barcelona.

Being located inside shopping malls, these Apple Stores would not be very iconic (like the one on Fifth Avenue or Shanghai) or very big, but they would finally be official stores where we could enjoy services like the Genius Bar and the experience of the company’s own stores.

The photograph above shows the appearance of the premises of the La Maquinista shopping centre in Barcelona. For several days now, the store has been covered with a black cover, something Apple usually does when building one of its stores. After the jump you have another picture, but in this case of the Xanadu centre in Madrid.

As you can see, the appearance of the two stores is identical: a medium to large size store (at least judging by the size of the window) where we will surely see a store like this one in a Canadian shopping mall. Here we can see another picture of the works in the Xanadu, together with the location of the shop so that you can go and have a look:

There are also possible (and I repeat possible) opening dates for the stores: both stores in Madrid and Barcelona could open next September . As for the possibly most iconic Apple Store being built in the centre of Valencia, it could open its doors during the last days of this year, perhaps in time for the Christmas season.

With all this, it is already quite clear that Apple will most probably land in Spain this year in these premises that we have mentioned. Two ‘normal’ stores in Barcelona and Madrid at the end of summer and a larger and more iconic store in Valencia but which will open later this year. If this happens, we’ll have a few months of activity from now on with possible photographs and more rumours that will end up confirming these stores as Apple Stores, and of course we’ll keep an eye out for the company in case they give out any dates for the openings.