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The first pieces of the next iPhone appear

It seems that the first spare parts for the new iPhone, the 5 or 4S, are appearing, very similar to those of the fourth generation of the device.

Rumours about the next generation of Apple’s mobile phone are rampant, with TVC Mall claiming to be in possession of some spare parts for the new iPhone model . For now it has not been confirmed whether this is true or not , but if it is we would have some more information about the guts of the new version of the device.

The first pieces of the next iPhone appear
The first pieces of the next iPhone appear

According to the supplier himself, is in possession of the parts for the rear camera, front camera, battery, audio jack and proximity sensor cable.

If we compare the parts of the iPhone 4 and 5 (or 4S, still to be seen), we appreciate that are very much alike so it could really be a temple-like truth, although it is very rare that the suppliers have parts of the device before the official release. Furthermore, such similarity may suggest that there will not be a radical change in the design of the new iPhone.

At the end of the post, we leave you with a gallery of images of the different pieces (you will find more images on the sale page of the pieces).

Let’s remember that some rumours point to a slight change , keeping the shape of the iPone 4 for the most part, while others point to a change in shape , as happened in the transition from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4.

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