The first Indian-made iPhone begins to appear

A few months ago we heard the news that Apple would start manufacturing its iPhone in India . Well, just today we saw a iPhone SE made in that Asian country thanks to a local medium.

Design by Apple in California, Assembled in India

Tim Cook was recently in India talking to Narendra Modi , the Indian Prime Minister, along with CEOs of other major international companies. At this meeting, the Indian government was discussing the advantages of manufacturing in India. This is part of the “Make in India” initiative , of which Apple seems to be one of the first to be part.

The first Indian-made iPhone begins to appear
The first Indian-made iPhone begins to appear

In the middle of the month of May , Apple started the manufacturing process of its mobile devices. Thus, a limited quantity of iPhone SE was produced, so that Apple can test its worth before making it definitive and start manufacturing these iPhones in India on a massive scale.

For now, iPhone’s manufactured there are starting to be seen in Bangalore , the city where the Wistron factory is located, where these devices are being manufactured. So far the only thing seen in pictures was an iPhone SE, which has the peculiar brand of “Design by Apple in California. Assembled in India.” .

“Design by Apple in California. Assembled in India.”

The price of the iPhone in India

As part of Apple’s strategy, the price of iPhones in India will be reduced , favouring locals. However, the price of the iPhone has not changed yet, as these iPhone SE manufactured in this Asian country are currently being sold at the same price as the models manufactured in China.

Apple will probably reduce the price of iPhones in India when they confirm that they will continue to be produced in the country. As we said, the factory is currently going through a trial period , in which the units they can manufacture are limited by Apple itself. Likewise, it is not ruled out that Apple will start manufacturing other models, in case they have not already started.

And how much discount are we talking about? That’s something we don’t know yet, but we do know that it will be noticeable.

It is possible that the price of the iPhone will be reduced in that country when they start to be mass produced.


As you can see, Apple is trying to expand its business model. With this strategy, Tim Cook plans not only to increase the production of his devices, but also to increase the number of sales in India.

What do you think? What do you think Apple is looking for with this? Will we get to see more devices made in that country?

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