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The first images of “unboxing” the iPhone 5s and 5c begin to arrive


Well, it was just a matter of time, and it’s now Tuesday and sooner rather than later the different iPhone shipments should start arriving to their different destinations . Some Chinese operators have already started to receive stock and have not taken any time to publish the first photos. Let’s think that it is something relatively normal, when the 3GS and 4 came out (that we belonged to the first waves) some contacts in stores already informed me of having received them a few days before, although they were more discreet.

The first images of “unboxing” the iPhone 5s and 5c begin to arriveThe first images of “unboxing” the iPhone 5s and 5c begin to arrive

And we can see both the iPhone 5c, the 5s in photographs, and even a small video of the inside of the box of an iPhone 5c , although unfortunately the quality of it leaves much to be desired. There is something that horrifies me about the “packaging” of the iPhone 5C, and is the sticker that in addition to protecting the screen, aims to emulate the terminal on. Although I must admit that so far I’ve only seen it in poor quality photos and videos. Maybe I’ll change my mind when I see it live.

Pictures of the golden iPhone 5s are also starting to appear in some media. The iPhone 5c should start arriving at homes and be available from next Friday. The iPhone 5s can be booked during the first hours of Friday and it will be possible to pick it up in the shop during the afternoon of the same day . As my colleague Miguel Lopez commented, the availability in our country will depend on how the sales turn out in this first wave, since these are the main markets to be supplied.