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The first comparison between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s has arrived

A new video (fictitious) made by some Apple fans compares the next iPhone 7s Plus and the phone that could be presented by Apple for the tenth edition.

New fictional video comparing the next Apple iPhone

After all the rumors that have been leaked, there are some things we can take for granted. One of them is that the next iPhone tenth edition will bring a new design along with interesting new features that we hope to see next September. On the other hand, the next iPhone 7s (and 7s Plus) will be similar models to the current Apple phones but with great new features inside (new processors, improvements in the camera and a possible new way of charging its batteries).

The first comparison between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s has arrived
The first comparison between the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7s has arrived

A famous YouTuber named Danny Winget has just shared today a new video that focuses on the three future iPhones that Apple could present next September to all viewers. This video made by Danny Winget aims to make a comparison between different mannequins of the iPhone 7s Plus and the possible iPhone tenth edition .

Remember that the iPhone 7s Plus has a similar design to last year’s Apple phone but with a silver glass back that we have seen used in the iPhone 8 dummy models. According to renowned KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to launch the three new devices in three different colors: silver, gold and black . This iPhone could incorporate a shiny metal frame that connects the two glass halves that this device would incorporate.

It is believed that all iPhones coming in 2017 will use a glass enclosure so these devices will have an inductive charging function that will allow them to charge the battery of the phones wirelessly . A function similar to that already available to many competitive users for some years.

Apart from the glass body, the iPhone 7s Plus looks like a phone very similar to its predecessor. It has the same horizontal double-lens back camera, ports, buttons, thick front bezels and the button for the Touch ID . However, the device’s antennas are less pronounced than the previous year’s devices.

Possible colors of upcoming Apple phones

Although the iPhone 10th edition does not have a “Home” button on the front, all the rumours are that will have a new facial recognition authentication to replace the Home button with Touch ID technology of other models. In terms of size, the iPhone 7s Plus is the same size as the current Plus models, a size larger than the possible size of the iPhone 8.

However, as we have seen in most of the leaks, the tenth edition iPhone will have a larger screen size because will remove almost all the frames from the front . To get a better idea, this device will be very similar to the body of the current 4.7-inch phone.

These designs are based on all the leaks we have seen to date

All circulating dummy models are based on factory specifications, CAD drawings and other leaks that appear on the web. Some of these leaks are not 100% real, but little by little they give us a better idea of what Apple might come up with next month.

Comparison of the phones that Apple could present in September

Remember that these fictitious models, although not real, are often used by some manufacturers of housings or covers to design their products or accessories . Based on all the rumors to date, leaks through the network or design leaks we have seen through different photographs, these dummy models offer a more solid look at what we could expect next month.