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The first cochlear implant designed for the iPhone is now available

Apple is very focused on improving accessibility for all users and that is why in the middle of this year they closed a deal with the company Cochlear, focusing on the design of cochlear implants, aimed at those people who have hearing difficulties due to problems in the cochlea of their ears. As a result of this partnership, a new cochlear implant has been launched that is fully integrated with the iPhone. The name it has received is Nucleus 7.

These implants are essential for people who have hearing problems due to problems in one part of the inner ear, namely the cochlea. Normally this problem is detected at a very early age or it can also appear later. Fortunately, medicine and biotechnology have provided a solution with these implants so that a person with this problem can lead a totally normal life and with very good hearing. We are not in a science website and that is why I will not tell you how it works although I would love to, but I encourage you to look for information about how it works because it is very interesting.

The first cochlear implant designed for the iPhone is now availableThe first cochlear implant designed for the iPhone is now available

Here is the promotional video for this new Cochlear implant:

This design was produced by a team of Apple engineers who specialize in accessibility. From this work has come this cochlear implant fully integrated with an iPhone that will allow users to listen to music, podcasts, watch videos, make calls and everything we do in our daily lives thanks to this Nucleus 7. This is managed by a sound processor which is the soul of this implant. The company has said the following:

We see how accessibility is a basic point in Apple, something that we appreciate and applaud enormously that this type of technology is developed to help a very good integration of people with any problem.

The characteristics of this are very good and we hope that it will reach all countries and that those who need it , will end up enjoying it, because if you see videos of a person who hears for the first time thanks to this implant, surely some tears will fall.

And of course, when Apple does something of ten, we say so, and from here we applaud them and hope they continue working in this direction in terms of accessibility and health.