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The First Apple Watch Ad is 12 Pages in Vogue

The marketing campaign Apple is using to promote the Watch is worth mentioning, as they are trying to show that it is not just any technological device, but that it is also perfect for the world of fitness and can be considered as a fashion accessory. Now, the first print ad for the Apple Watch has been published in Vogue magazine and it takes up no less than 12 pages .

Recently we saw the Watch’s debut on the cover of the American magazine SELF Magazine on the wrist of model Candice Swanepoel, one of Victoria Secret’s angels. But this goes a step further, as the latest issue of Vogue has a dozen pages in which the main protagonist is the Watch , which will be released next April.

The First Apple Watch Ad is 12 Pages in Vogue
The First Apple Watch Ad is 12 Pages in Vogue

There are many expectations from users and from the company itself with the arrival of the Apple Watch to the market , and it is not for less. Recently, it was learned that at the time of its launch, the smart watch will have 100,000 adapted applications, a figure that no other smartwatch has had since its first day of life.

Apple shows the Watch as a fashion accessory

The marketing campaign that Apple is carrying out before the arrival of the Watch to the market is very big. As we said before, has already appeared on the cover of a magazine on a model’s wrist, but we cannot forget that the smartwatch was present on the Paris fashion show . The Watch is going to be more than just a technological device for the wrist, its great options for personalization will also make it a fashion accessory.

The Apple Watch appears in a total of 12 pages within Vogue magazine, where we can see several images with the white background where the intelligent watch appears seen from different angles, as well as details of the different types of strap and their closures . It should also be noted that the images are at real size, so readers can get an idea of how big the Watch’s screen will be before it goes on sale.

Apple places particular emphasis on showing the three full-size models of the Watch along with details of the straps and the material they are made of . In this way, we see how the Cupertino boys show the stainless steel Milanese Loop, the electric blue Loop strap or the Watch Sport, the model with a green sports strap. In addition, there is also room to show the Watch Edition, the 18kt pink gold model with a modern buckle strap which is sure to be affordable for only a few.

The Apple Watch marketing campaign is getting stronger

MacRumors point out that until recently the marketing carried out by the apple company for the Watch was quite limited . Since its presentation in September we had only seen it in the Parisian store Colette and on the occasional magazine cover on a model’s wrist.

But there is less and less time left for the Watch to reach the stores and logically, Apple is increasing the advertising in order to attract the attention of fashion and sports-loving users , who are posing as the potential buyers of this smart watch.

What do you think of the first Apple Watch ad in Vogue magazine? Did you expect it to have this minimalist air, or did you think it would be otherwise?

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