The Filter, creating instant playlists for iTunes

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The Filter is a new utility for creating instant playlists for iTunes.

As soon as you start it for the first time, it will scan our entire music library. You have to be patient because it slows down the system a little bit. A small window will also appear for us to log in or enter as Guests (at the moment the possibility of opening accounts does not seem to be available).

The Filter, creating instant playlists for iTunes
The Filter, creating instant playlists for iTunes

Once you’ve finished scanning we can create our first playlist. To do this we must select the criteria we want The Filter to follow: affinity by artist, by genre or by song .

Then we press the big F button and it will give us three options: create the playlist from 3 songs we select in iTunes, create it from the most listened and rated song in our library, or from the last one we have listened to.

We choose the one we want and The Filter will fill the playlist until it reaches 15 songs. We can save it in iTunes, listen to it or expand it, which will add more songs.

I have created some playlists and the truth is that it has surprised me, because it has hit quite well with the affinity. Of course, it has nothing to do with other applications to create playlists like Tangerine. But it’s free.

You can also ask him to recommend music, you can send playlists to the iPod , access the iTunes store. And it’s also available for NOKIA phones.

I liked it very much. Except for the initial slowness, I had to close it in order to write this post. You can see a screencast about how it works.


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