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The Fifth Avenue Apple Store is a photo magnet


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The Fifth Avenue Apple Store is a photo magnetThe Fifth Avenue Apple Store is a photo magnet


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To compile this ranking, students at Cornell University analyzed 35 million Flickr images in which they discovered that the Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center and Grand Central Station alone, precisely the future location (according to the Wall Street Journal) of the city’s next Apple Store, surpasses the flagship store .

Now, developer Eric Fischer has done a similar study by creating a heat map of different cities to visually represent the points where the geolocated photographs gather on Flickr and again we appreciate how, not only the Apple Store on 5th Avenue, but also the one on Michigan Avenue in Chicago coincides with a meeting point for photographers and travelers.

Since the first store opened in 2001 on the second floor of the Tysons Corner Center, Virginia’s largest shopping center, the apple company has opened 324 stores in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, Japan, France, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and recently Spain. The majority (236) congregate in the United States but for some time now the company has begun to expand its Apple Stores around the world, often occupying such iconic locations as the Paris Opera House or Regent Street in London.

Many enjoy different architectural awards for their groundbreaking designs, especially the aforementioned 5th Avenue store and its glass cube designed by the well-known architect Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, also responsible for the giant glass cylinder of the Shanghai store, so I invite you to take a small virtual tour of some of the most impressive Apple Stores in the world through their different websites:

As you can see, some of them are really beautiful and justify the visit even if you are not interested in the products exhibited inside. Who knows, maybe soon we can add to the list the unofficially confirmed shop of Tio Pepe building in Madrid.

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