The features of the iPhone in 1985 would cost $32 million


We often protest – and rightly so – about how expensive smartphones are. Figures that we often do not see justified despite the fact that they are increasingly sophisticated devices. However, have we ever stopped to think sincerely about the added value of these devices in our daily lives? To put it another way: what would happen if the mobile suddenly disappeared from our lives?

The features of the iPhone in 1985 would cost $32 million
The features of the iPhone in 1985 would cost $32 million

The marketing agency WebpageFX wanted to stop speculating and put figures to the matter by travelling back in time to 1985 and wondering how much it would cost the user to enjoy all the services provided by, for example, an iPhone at that time and at the cost of the moment. If you don’t want to read any more, here’s the result: enjoying everything an iPhone does in 1985 would cost a whopping 32 million dollars (at today’s prices and considering inflation).

The idea is simple: it consists of detailing one by one all the functions offered by a mobile and replacing them with the alternative available at the time. In other words, if we can take photos and videos with the iPhone, in 1985 we would have to buy a camera and a video camera for this purpose. Is the comparison real? Of course, no one would think of paying such a million dollars, but the truth is that it helps us to value the functions we already take for granted.

Thus, in 1985 a mobile phone cost a whopping 9,000 dollars (always today’s prices), and to use the GPS navigator that today is integrated into the bulk of mobiles, at that time you would have to acquire a dedicated device that exceeded 6,000 dollars. And so on. As Fortune points out, the comparison may seem ridiculous to some, but it will certainly help us to put more value on what we carry in our pockets.


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