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The FBI wants to unlock another terrorist’s iPhone


Eight months ago a big controversy broke out in the San Bernardino iPhone case. Today, Special Agent Rich Thorton said that the agency has obtained the iPhone from another terrorist and intends to unlock the device to access his data.

The FBI wants to unlock another terrorist’s iPhone
The FBI wants to unlock another terrorist’s iPhone

Dahir Adan, the owner of the iPhone seized by the FBI, killed 10 people in Minnesota before being fatally shot by a police officer. The attack was claimed by ISIS on social networks days later.

Agent Thorton did not want to mention the model of iPhone that Adam had, nor what operating system he was running. This is very relevant information since since iOS 8 the iPhone and iPad was encrypted without the possibility of Apple to decrypt the contents.

In the case of the San Bernardino iPhone, the FBI announced that it possessed a method for decrypting the iPhone and accessing information by unlocking the device. But this is not a cheap method, precisely.

On the other hand, a Cambridge researcher named Sergei Skorobogatov demonstrated last month how he could access data from an encrypted iPhone 5c by removing its flash memory, cloning it, and testing passwords after rewriting the memory data to prevent the counter from tracking the number of attempts.

Will we have controversy again? Will the FBI ask Apple to access the encrypted information on Dahir Adan’s iPhone again?