The FBI is having trouble accessing the confiscated smartphones

¿Logrará Qualcomm prohibir la venta del iPhone en EEUU?

Sin duda alguna, el aumento de seguridad en los terminales actuales del mercado, solo hacen que dificultar las tareas de extracción a dichas agencias . Sin embargo, el FBI propone una ley que facilite la entrega de información en los dispositivos incautados de los criminales. Este hecho pondría fin a todos los problemas con los que se tiene que enfrentar la propia agencia, en la que en muchas ocasiones ha tenido que contratar a empresas externas dedicadas a la extracción de información.

The FBI is having trouble accessing the confiscated smartphones
The FBI is having trouble accessing the confiscated smartphones

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For months now, the FBI has been in constant dispute with most of the current manufacturers of mobile devices . Without going any further, at present, Apple is one of its most known enemies, due to the lack of support that the agency itself suffered with the iPhone seized in the case of San Benardino. What has happened this time?

As announced by the director of the FBI, the US security corporation has not been able to access half of the terminals analysed . This is undoubtedly a big problem for the security agency, since without these accesses, many cases are left without sufficient or relevant evidence.

For this reason, the director himself has made a global communication, so that the current technology companies collaborate jointly with the security agency , in the extraction of content from the confiscated mobiles.

Currently, the iPhone range is one of the most difficult models to extract data from . And after several disputes with the security agency, it seems that Cupertino’s people are not going to give their arm to ease the tasks of extracting information. Let’s emphasize that Cupertino’s, by manufacturing their products outside the U.S., are not required by law to give information to security agencies. What does the FBI intend to do about this?

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