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The Fall of the Giants (The Century 1) in Apple Books

A great novel that tells the lives of five families: an American, a Welsh, an English, a German and a Russian, against the background of the First World War, the Russian Revolution and the profound social changes that these brought about.

First volume of the trilogy “The Century”

The Fall of the Giants (The Century 1) in Apple Books
The Fall of the Giants (The Century 1) in Apple Books

The story begins in 1911, the day of King George V’s coronation in Westminster Abbey. The fate of the Williams, a Welsh mining family, is linked by love and enmity to that of the Fitzherberts, aristocrats and owners of the mines. Lady Maud Fitzherbert will fall in love with Walter von Ulrich, a young spy at the German Embassy in London. Their lives will be intertwined with that of a progressive advisor to the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, and that of two Russian brothers whose dream of seeking their fortune in America has been taken away by war and revolution.

From Washington to St. Petersburg, from the filth and dangers of the coal mines to the luxurious chandeliers of the aristocratic palaces, through the corridors of the White House and the Westminster Parliament, Ken Follet offers us, in his most ambitious novel, a careful portrait of an era and the passions that spurred the lives of his characters.

“The Century” trilogy is the story of my grandparents and yours, our parents and our lives. In a way it’s the story of all of us.”

Ken Follet

The critics have said…
“High politics and low passions (and vice versa) make up a large saga that confirms Follett as a major watchmaker in the realm of the best seller.”

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“Ken Follett is not a writer, but a social phenomenon.”
El Cultural de El Mundo

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