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The Fall, Gorillaz’s new album completely recorded with the iPad

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The Fall, Gorillaz’s new album completely recorded with the iPad
The Fall, Gorillaz’s new album completely recorded with the iPad


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Comentarios cerrados The possibilities of the iPad in the musical arena are many and varied . From applications for DJs, drum machines, pianos, guitars… the list is growing. And now we can see how the band Gorillaz publishes an album in which many of their songs have been recorded using iPad applications for it.

Damon Albarn (and the rest of the collaborators) declared himself a fan of Apple’s tablet and it seems that they wanted to squeeze all their possibilities when making this new album. On the band’s official website they have made a list of all the applications they have used to record this new album, maybe you are interested in knowing some of the most curious ones.

  • Synth: This iPad application is a synthesizer capable of emulating forty different instruments. Its price is 0.79 euros.
  • SoundyThingie: I would consider it more a musical game than a musical application itself, the application consists of drawing lines with the finger that are transformed into sounds by themselves. In the video above these words you can see a demonstration to give you an idea, the price of this application is 2.39 euros.
  • Amplitube: is a powerful effects processor for electric guitar, which together with an adapter will be possible to connect a guitar to our iPad and emulate effects pedals and amp heads, its price is almost 16 euros.
  • Korg’s iElectribe: One of Korg’s most popular drum machines has been emulated for the iPad (quite cleverly, actually) and for just over fifteen euros it offers us the same possibilities as its real version.
  • Mellotronics M3000: The Mellotron, an instrument widely used in the sixties that is a type of special synthesizer, is played for the iPad with its characteristic sound. Its price is ten euros (9.99 euros).

These are some of the applications that have been used, but the truth is that there have been a few more, on the official Gorillaz website you can see a complete list. We have to take this new album by Gorillaz (which at the moment is only available for his fan club, in a free download) as what it is, a declaration of the band’s intentions, because if anything has sinned it is always one of extreme experimentation in their sounds .

It’s really amazing what can be achieved with a handful of iPad apps and it shows (in my opinion) that the limits of the Apple multitouch tablet are in the imagination of app developers .

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