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The exploded view of the iPad Pro (2020) confirms the 6GB of RAM and details about its new camera

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A renewal of the iPad Pro at the end of March seemed impossible given the situation, but Apple announced it on March 18th and the arrival of the double rear camera with the LiDAR sensor and the improved support for mice and trackpads by Bluetooth or cable was confirmed thanks to the arrival of an official keypad-case with built-in trackpad, the Magic Keyboard.

The exploded view of the iPad Pro (2020) confirms the 6GB of RAM and details about its new camera
The exploded view of the iPad Pro (2020) confirms the 6GB of RAM and details about its new camera

The iPad Pro (2020) is quite similar in appearance to the one launched by the company in October 2018. Differentiating them would be quite a challenge if it weren’t for the change in the back cameras. After the breakdown made by iFixit, it is confirmed that this is the most important change , with some striking features inside.

The iPad Pro (2018) has 4GB of RAM on almost all models except the 1TB internal storage, which includes 6GB. This difference was to better manage the storage capacity of the device. However, on the iPad Pro (2020) 6GB of RAM has become the standard.

Another change inside the device is the A12Z Bionic processor , which features an eight-core GPU, and improved thermal architecture and performance drivers. In fact, early benchmarks indicated that the A12Z Bionic and A12X Bionic were very similar in performance, the main difference being that extra GPU core is enabled.

With respect to the rear camera , the 12 MP sensor of the previous generation is maintained and a new slow 10 MP “ultra wide angle” is included. Nevertheless, it is the LiDAR sensor the most striking element of the new system. A video published by a Twitter user already showed how it works a few days ago, revealing that it deploys a network of lasers that detect the distance of the object that the cameras are filming with a dot matrix.

In iFixit they compared the LiDAR sensor with Face ID.

This sensor is useful in augmented reality applications to place objects in the real world, making it especially interesting for designers, architects, or other fields. In iFixit they have made a comparison of the LiDAR sensor with Face ID and the result concludes that the latter is more accurate, but because LiDAR does not need such a degree of accuracy to map rooms and scale objects as Face ID does to recognize a person’s face.

In AppleLiDAR 3D on an iPad Pro (2020): these are the secrets of the new sensor that revolutionizes augmented reality

Finally, talk about your drummer. The 12.9″ model of the iPad Pro (2020) has the same 36.59Wh as the version launched in 2018 . The USB-C port is modular so that it can be easily replaced in case of breakage. The repair score that iFixit gives the device is 3 out of 10, so it is difficult for a user to make major repairs to the device from home.