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The exclusive book “Designed by Apple in California” arrives in Spain

It goes without saying that Apple is one of the most reputable companies in terms of design . Its products are recognized worldwide for their careful materials and elegant shapes, brought from Apple’s design studios in California, at its headquarters.

Some time ago, in order to celebrate a 20-year history of great design that is now part of the company’s legacy , they launched a compilation specially created with that same design philosophy. 300 pages with some of the great milestones in Apple’s recent history.

Designed by Apple in California, now in Spain

The exclusive book “Designed by Apple in California” arrives in SpainThe exclusive book “Designed by Apple in California” arrives in Spain

One of the few drawbacks of this interesting collector’s item for some, is that, at its launch, its availability was limited to a small list of nine countries among which was not Spain . Fortunately for us, this is now a thing of the past .

The book, “Designed by Apple in California,” is now available in both Apple Stores and the Apple Online Store in both sizes. This way, anyone who wants to have a piece of Apple’s history in their library with which to always remember the work of Jony Ive and company, can have it without much inconvenience .

A price worthy of a collector’s item… And from Apple

I commented earlier that this collector’s item had a few drawbacks, including its availability. Well, price is also one of them. This book has a price of 199 euros for its small version , and of 299 euros for the biggest one , something that makes clear that it is not something that everybody should buy.

In this case, we still don’t know if they also wanted to remind us of the exorbitant prices that in many cases have the same products that appear in the book, or if it’s really worth it. Of course, personally, I don’t intend to pay this.