The essence of the first Mac is still there, but how will we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iPhone?

We have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first Macintosh for a week now, and it is clear that its mark is still present today. But there is something very important to keep in mind: computing is evolving at an exponential rate . What we have advanced during these thirty years may only be a glimpse of what we can see within so many others.

Let’s do an exercise of imagination, let’s get into a TARDIS and travel to year 2037 . Apple is celebrating: it’s been thirty years since the iPhone came out, and a fifty-year-old Miguel López reflects on them in whatever Apple evolves. What would he talk about?

The essence of the first Mac is still there, but how will we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iPhone?
The essence of the first Mac is still there, but how will we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iPhone?

As always, it depends. First, it would be necessary for Apple to continue to exist as a company. But let’s count on it, let’s suppose that no one has acquired it and the company has gone under due to a blunder by management. The first thing I would consider is, knowing that the launch of the iPhone has changed everything, it is very likely that the launch of another revolutionary device will turn everything upside down .

If that happens, the iPhone’s anniversary could look like something relevant but not iconic , as is happening with the Mac right now. We could remember the iPhone as we remember the Apple II or the Lisa. Of course there are nuances: one thing is that we will see a “revolutionary” iWatch within a few months and another very different thing is something that for example would allow us to use our own eyes and mind to connect to the Internet and forget about tangible devices forever.

Recent history has shown us that a lot can happen in thirty years

A lot can happen in 30 years. We need only look at how we have changed from 1984 to 2014. Several revolutions, several generations of devices and services… and right now electronics are advancing to such a level that it is impossible to know how the markets will go in the medium term . The only clue is that everything is getting smaller, thinner and more portable… we don’t even know how we will be in the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, in an already near 2017.

If the forecasts for 2014 are already circulating around advanced smart bracelets, what kind of devices might we see in 2020? I think that many more revolutions are coming to the iPhone’s level in the future, although they don’t have to come from Apple . The competitors are getting tighter and tighter.

But no matter how many revolutions we have both inside and outside of Apple, the iPhone set boundaries that no other terminal was able to define: from the keyboard and mouse to the multi-touch screen. Thousands of buttons on the interface to be able to access everything through gestures. From computers to mobile phones . It was the tool that proved that the internet could really be everywhere we went, and in fact it was the first data rate device that many of us had.

In conclusion, something very big has to happen for us to forget about the iPhone revolution on its 30th anniversary. And the same goes for the iPad , which will be 30 years old in 2040. For my part, I hope to be here to celebrate it in the same way that we’re celebrating the first Macintosh these days.

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