The end of the iPad Mini is very near

The Apple Keynotes for the next few months promise to be full of interesting new features. In September, we will see the new generation of iPhone and Apple Watch and, in October, new Mac and iPad computers. However, and speaking of tablets, not all members will receive an update, as the end of the iPad Mini is very near .

The last time the company’s smallest tablet was renewed was in 2015 with the iPad Mini 4 . Since then, it has received very little care or attention from Apple, apart from eliminating the 32 and 64GB options to leave only the 128GB variant.

The end of the iPad Mini is very near
The end of the iPad Mini is very near

Despite rumors that Cupertino’s may be preparing an iPad Mini Pro for this year, there have been no leaks or information as the fall launch date approaches . And looking at the bigger picture, it’s unlikely to make an appearance this 2018, which would confirm that the 7.9-inch tablet is dead.

This doesn’t come as a surprise. In May 2017, an anonymous source working for Apple claimed that the iPad Mini was about to disappear . In part, because sales of the device have declined, but also because iPhone screens are getting bigger. If the rumors are true, the bitten apple would present an iPhone with a 6.5-inch OLED screen. A full-fledged phablet. An almost 8-inch tablet would be meaningless.

On the other hand, there is also the new 9.7-inch iPad aimed at the domestic and educational public. It sells for 80 euros less and its specifications are better. If Apple wants to keep the Mini range, it should do a complete facelift with eye-catching features, as well as a price cut and raise it as an entry level device.

iPad Mini, the tablet Steve Jobs would never have wanted

On October 23, 2012 the iPad Mini, Apple’s first small tablet with a 7.9-inch screen, went on sale . Although it was a device acclaimed by the public, if Steve Jobs were still with us, it would never have seen the light. Apple’s co-founder was convinced that the 7-inch tablet was a failure, and although it was very popular at the time, we see that in 2018 it doesn’t make much sense.

Apple is restructuring the nomenclature of its teams . It seems that the idea is to separate them into two types: for normal users and for professionals. So there would be MacBook and MacBook Pro (MacBook Air could disappear), iPad and iPad Pro (Mini could disappear), iPhone and iPhone Pro (no Plus), iMac and iMac Pro and Mac (Mini?) and Mac Pro.

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