the end of Apple’s cycle to convince professionals again

It has to be said: Apple has excelled in the pros this 2019 , and I’m not ironizing. I agree that maybe the Mac Pro has rushed its launch to the limit (I still remember how the most optimistic rumors thought we were going to see it in stores twelve months ago), but the verdict of the most demanding users is very good.

2019 has been the year in which the results of listening to the Pro team have been noticed, with Apple consolidating a Pro range with the changes that have been requested the most for months . We have a customisable Mac mini, a powerful iMac Pro for professionals, and a powerful Mac Pro for those who don’t just settle for any machine. We have a relatively affordable MacBook Air and a 16-inch MacBook Pro with Magic Keyboard and impressive performance.

the end of Apple’s cycle to convince professionals again
the end of Apple’s cycle to convince professionals again

With all the new features that started coming out in 2018 and have culminated in the Mac Pro, we see a range of Macs that have been adapted to the needs of slightly more professional users. One simple fact proves it: half of the current Mac range has the “Pro” header behind it . MacBook Pro, iMac Pro, Mac Pro. And Mac mini could go (at least in part) as a pro computer for systems, security, and networking experts.

In other words, as the iPad has scratched its way into the general user market, Apple has spent the last 18 months introducing computers that somehow dazzle those who seek more. Professionals, or at least hobbyists who like technology and want to mess around a bit. A far cry from concepts like the “black bin” of the past Mac Pro.

How challenging can Apple be from now on? Well to keep that range minimally updated . Because it’s done its job of keeping professionals happy. But those same professionals aren’t going to be smiling when they see an iMac Pro that hasn’t been updated in more than two years. And yes, 256GB of RAM can still be considered a lot of memory, but experts will want the latest generation of Xeon processors, not one from 2017.

At AppleIntel’s new Xeon processors could be the perfect candidates for the next iMac Pro

2020 has many surprises in store for us: new iPad Pro, the arrival of 5G on the iPhone… but I hope that Apple will be able to continue to convince these professionals. But I hope Apple will be able to continue to convince those professionals. And for now, seeing the pace of upgrading we’re doing with MacBook Pro, I’m pretty optimistic.

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