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the easiest way to transfer files to your iOS devices


Softorino is one of the companies that has put the most effort into its work in recent years. WALTR is their application par excellence, and the application for which they are known. Today WALTR reaches the second generation and it’s now easier than ever to transfer files from the Mac to an iOS device, whatever that device is.

the easiest way to transfer files to your iOS devices
the easiest way to transfer files to your iOS devices

The problem with transferring files to an iPhone, iPad or iPod is that they are not always compatible. This is solved with WALTR, which accepts any format and makes it compatible . Not only that, but it saves any file in its place. For example, you’ll find videos in the Videos app, photos in Photos, and music in Music, all without having to locate anything yourself.

There are a number of changes that make WALTR 2 a good buy or upgrade. Because the application has been made practically from scratch, so you can upload even more files, in even more different formats, to your device even faster. These are the changes made:

  • Wireless: That’s right, now you can transfer files to iPhone or iPad from your Mac directly over Wi-Fi without having to connect it with a USB cable.
  • Compatible with all: WALTR can transfer files to any Apple portable device. And when WALTR says it’s compatible with all devices, it really is compatible with all of them, even the first generation iPod.
  • Also books and audiobooks: Not only music and videos, now you can also upload to your iBooks device and audiobooks, which will be displayed directly in the iBooks app, whether they are Epubs or PDFs.
  • Content recognition: No matter how your file is or what information it has, WLATR will take care of searching for all the necessary metadata so that the songs and movies or series you copy have the files correctly labeled with their cover and data.
  • Subtitle insertion, 4K video, HI-Fi audio and more: WLATR 2 has many more features to make the files you copy to your device lossless. Don’t worry that converting does not remove information or cause them to lose quality.

If you want to try WALTR 2 yourself, you can download it for free for a few days from the official Softorino website. If you are convinced by the utility you can get the final version for about $40. The price is more than justifiable once you realize the enormous potential of the application.

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