The Drowning, kill zombies from the hammock with this free game

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Yes, early August, the quintessential holiday month… Are you lying in the shade in a hammock on a busy beach? Or maybe you’re in the bush? Maybe you’re not quite sure what to do to get rid of the boredom. Don’t worry, I’m sure we can use our iPhone or iPad for that, and the truth is that The Drowning is not a bad option .

Are you prepared to survive the end of the apocalyptic world? Where the dead do not rest and rise from their graves eager to eat living flesh. Yeah, I know, this isn’t the most original plot in the history of video games. But at least this Shoot’em UP has more than acceptable graphics and a small graphic adventure component that will make it not only based on shooting, there is some history behind it.

The Drowning, kill zombies from the hammock with this free game
The Drowning, kill zombies from the hammock with this free game

The mechanics of the game is very simple, with an exciting start, on board a small boat we try to escape until it is impossible and the zombies sink our means of transport. We wake up on the shore just in time to repel an attack from our enemies. This will help us catch up with the controls. We will have two control modes .

The first one, and the one they teach us in the tutorial, is through tactile gestures . Our character will shoot when we press at the same time with both thumbs, guiding the bullet of our gun in the middle of the two points where we press the screen. With one finger we will move the view towards where we are interested and a tap on a specific point on the screen will direct our character to where we indicate with that tap.

Once the tutorial is over, the application will let us choose the control mode. Either this one we have commented or by means of virtual controls to control movement, shooting or reloading . If you are going to play on an iPhone, I would advise you to use the control method that the tutorial shows you, if on the other hand you are going to play on an iPad, due to its screen size, I would advise you to use the virtual controls.

Little by little you will see how the story develops, we will have missions to perform, items to recover, pieces to get to repair items we need in the game. We will go showing different scenarios on which we can seek what we are asked and get points to unlock improvements. Best of all, as I said, the game is totally free , so it will only cost you the space it takes in the memory of your iOS device.

Ready? Warm up, it’s time to save the world.

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