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The drop in Mac sales, trend or production errors?

Los nuevos iMac no retrasarán su lanzamiento pero sí habrá problemas de suministro

After knowing the financial results of the first fiscal quarter of 2013 we can confirm that they are spectacular. The company has obtained record revenues and everything is from the drop in shares, reduction in orders, etc are not indicators of anything negative.

The drop in Mac sales, trend or production errors?
The drop in Mac sales, trend or production errors?

Moreover, the only negative thing has been the decrease in Mac equipment sales . During the first quarter only four million Macs were sold.

Sales on the PC market have been declining for several years now and so far the Mac has been saved. But after a sharp drop worldwide, it’s Apple computers’ turn as well.

Tim Cook, during the round of questions, said: “The personal computer market is down 6% and we’ve sold 23 million iPads, there’s some cannibalization there”

It’s true, the launches of the iPad and iPad mini, along with other mobile devices has caused some reduction. Many people do not need a Mac for their daily use and a tablet is enough. Not to mention those who even have a smartphone.

But certainly the main reasons are production problems, at least in my opinion. From the presentation of the new generation, October 23, to the availability of the 21.5″ model, a month went by. For the 27″ model we had to wait until December. Even so, the units that arrived were very scarce.

Many Premium Resellers were not able to meet the demand for equipment, the units received from iMac have been very low . Apple itself was also unable to meet the demand, and delivery dates were lengthening. Even today, the drought is still present.

And to make matters worse, from the time the new iMac was introduced until the first shipments, it wasn’t possible to buy the previous model either. You might not have been interested in the new ultra-thin model. If you went to the Apples Store asking about a previous-generation iMac, there wasn’t one. That’s another lost sales peak. Apple sold just 312,000 Macs a week compared to 371,000 a week during the same period a year ago.

So I think next time they’ll be more careful. Lately we are getting too used to Apple introducing a new product and ending up with one soon. You should get back to that habit of Available from today . That one that made that as soon as you finish the keynote many will draw the VISA.

Finally, the new MacBook Pro Retina hasn’t helped either. No one doubts that they’re extraordinary machines, but the price, in the current economic climate, makes them prohibitive for many. The MacBook Pro is now non-retinal and MacBook Air can be prohibitively expensive , so these are even more so.

We will see at the next results conference if this is a trend that will continue to affect Macs or if it becomes clear that production problems are the cause of the decline in sales.

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