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The day has come: Apple conquers Seoul

One of the latest news that has impacted the Apple community is the arrival of the Californian firm in the capital of South Korea . In this case it is the opening of a new store of the apple company in the epicenter of the enemy territory, the birthplace of Samsung .

Why Seoul?

One of the aspects that define Seoul very well is the technology . Without going any further, we are looking at one of the territories where different companies dedicated entirely to the technology sector and later to the development of smartphones with the Android system have been born.

The day has come: Apple conquers Seoul
The day has come: Apple conquers Seoul

On the other hand, the market in that country is currently divided between two large national companies LG and Samsung , since both represent 80 percent of the market .

Apple could take advantage of this opportunity to take over a certain percentage of the market, in the country with the fourth most powerful economy in the continent of Asia.

Asian territory, Apple’s target

Without a doubt, this news would have as a fundamental character to be able to enter the Asian market . Little by little Cupertino’s are appearing in different parts of the continent, with the intention of being able to increase expansion and improve sales numbers.

It should be noted that at present, Japan remains a very important territory for the company, since leads in sales of the iPhone.

We do not yet know the exact date of the opening of the new Apple Store, as for the moment we only have the press release set by the company:

Will the new Apple Store affect Samsung’s sales?

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