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The dark mode comes to WhatsApp Web through this trick

The dark mode can be a favorite of users because of the benefit for the screen view. However, for most applications developing the interface with these features is not as easy as changing a few colors in their code. Therefore, most popular apps take time to develop this option to perfection.

While dark mode is now available in the WhatsApp mobile app in a few simple steps, it is not yet official in the web version. However, as our Andro4all colleagues have shared, it is possible to anticipate this and activate the dark mode of the desktop version of WhatsApp, by running as many actions in our browser and without downloading anything.

The dark mode comes to WhatsApp Web through this trickThe dark mode comes to WhatsApp Web through this trick

As revealed by WhatsApp’s update reference site, WABetaInfo, this function is “hidden” in the code of the WhatsApp Web page and activating it is a really simple process.

  • Open WhatsApp Web in your browser and log in.
  • Right click on the outside of the chat window and select the option “Inspect”
  • Find the line ‘body’ in the code editor that will appear.
  • Change this line to ‘body dark”‘ and press Enter.

When finished, WhatsApp Web will look similar to the one we can find in the mobile version of the application, when we set up the dark theme. However, this trick is only effective for a short time, as when you refresh the page, it will restore the original theme and you’ll need to go back to the previous steps to activate night mode again.

Activate the dark theme in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

If you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on your computer as a web browser you can activate the dark mode using a free extension. To do so, you must follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Chrome Extensions store and install Stylus.
  • Install the Dark WhatsApp Web theme by clicking the “Install Style” button.
  • Reload WhatsApp Web page

Opening WhatsApp Web or reloading the page will have applied the dark theme and changed the appearance of the page. However, this is again a temporary option and the steps will have to be repeated after reloading the page.

In case you are very patient or just want to see the dark mode on WhatsApp Web before the official launch, this option is ideal.