the “cursed” house where Search My iPhone places dozens of devices

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You see the house in the picture above? It’s in Atlanta city, and it belongs to Christina Lee and Michael Saba. And this poor couple is not very happy about the “curse” of their home, since for some reason dozens of lost iPhones are located there . You can imagine the consequences.

the “cursed” house where Search My iPhone places dozens of devices
the “cursed” house where Search My iPhone places dozens of devices

Christina and Michael have been at it for a year now: suddenly, unknown and angry people are knocking on the door of their house saying that iCloud is telling them that their lost device is there. That’s not the case, but what do you do when Search My iPhone tells you that what you’ve lost is there and they say no? You usually don’t trust it, and that’s the problem.

Operators, routers, locations, Wi-Fis mapping… whose problem is it?

And that’s why there are always discussions and even “stronger things” at Christina and Michael’s door, as we are told from Ars Technica. Even the police have had to come to the house several times, and there have been times when the couple have had to be held outside while the authorities search the house.

Why does this happen? It happens with phones from all carriers, and not even assigning your router’s MAC address to a geolocation company has solved the problem. It could also be a service error, but the main thing here is the location of the lost phones and that is taken from the triangulation of the signal in the area. Expert Jonathan Zdziarski bets on an error when assigning the location of the Wi-Fi networks in the area.

Be that as it may, and for Michael and Christina’s sake, I hope the problem is resolved soon.

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