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The Creator of the “WhatsApp PC” Virus is Stopped

The Spanish Civil Guard stops the creator of the “WhatsApp PC” virus

We have learned that a few days ago the Civil Guard arrested the hacker who had been responsible for creating “WhatsApp PC” in Torrelavega (Cantabria). For those who don’t know and haven’t heard of it, this virus was presented as an option to spy on mobile phone messages sent through the world’s most used instant messaging application, WhatsApp, but the only thing that could be done was to infect computers massively and take over victims’ passwords on social networks.

The operation of this program was quite simple, the individual who had already been arrested had created a computer file called “Win WhatsApp”, “WhatsApp PC” and “WhatsApp Spy” with which the person who installed it on his computer could access, as announced by its own creator (cheating of course), the Wassap of his boyfriend and his friends. A perfect hook considering the distrust that the use of social networks has managed to create between some couples nowadays.

The Creator of the “WhatsApp PC” Virus is Stopped
The Creator of the “WhatsApp PC” Virus is Stopped

It goes without saying that this promise was false , and once the application was installed, the hacker automatically received the access keys to the victims’ social networks.

A virus that achieved a chain effect

After the program succeeded in infecting a computer there was a chain effect by advertising this method among all the contacts of the victims who had been infected, who unfortunately fell into the trap on too many occasions of the hacker, who had even created some web that pretended to be the official site of WhatsApp. It seems incredible that something like this could actually happen, but it’s true.

But thanks to the effort and the investigations, the agents specialized in computer crimes of the Central Operative Unit of the Guardia Civil, managed to hunt down the creator of the virus in his house in Torrelavega (Cantabria) , where the prisoner had his own server in which he stored all the information stolen from his victims.

As pointed out by rtve, the agents managed to find in the computer of the arrested person more than 60 databases with information from thousands of Spanish users , as well as a file of automated orders to send the virus. On top of that, the agents were able to find several web pages where the virus files were hosted, ready for downloading.

What is clear is that there are many methods of getting or trying to steal password information, but they all go through the neglect of users who end up downloading tools that are not secure. That’s why from here we advise you that before downloading any kind of tool, get well informed about what you are doing, look for information and trust any source.