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The Creator of Flappy Bird, about to launch a new game

Do you remember Flappy Bird, the game where you had to try to move as far as possible with a bird tapping on the screen so it wouldn’t bump into pipes? Well, now its creator has announced that will soon launch a new game for mobile devices .

Once Flappy Bird was a great success and became almost an addiction for many users, which is why its developer Dong Nguyen decided to remove it from the App Store and only those who installed it at the time can still play today. Below we tell you more details about the new game that Nguyen prepares together with Obokaidem Games.

The Creator of Flappy Bird, about to launch a new game
The Creator of Flappy Bird, about to launch a new game

For the launch of Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen linked up with .Gears, an Indie company. However, this time has decided to partner with Obokaidem Games , a large Japanese development company.

Flappy Bird was an arcade game with a very simple interface, and perhaps one of its biggest successes was that it was a seemingly easy game, but in the end it wasn’t so easy . It also made the user itch to keep playing to try to go further and beat his own record.

At the moment not much is known about the new game, beyond the fact that the development team calls it “Project N” , the rest remains a mystery. Will the game start with that letter? Dong Nguyen hasn’t revealed any details about the new title, but if there’s one thing that’s certain, it’s that it’s going to be as successful as his previous game, if only because of the high expectations generated around it.

Finally, the release date is another mystery surrounding the next game from the creator of Flappy Bird. However, is expected to land on the App Store throughout 2016 , so we’ll be keeping an eye out for you when that time comes.