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The Crazy Bird for iPad, Full Speed Mischief

Join The Crazy Bird and his friends in this crazy adventure. You’ll have to synchronise your movements on the screen to get to the finish line before your friends do. The mythical cartoon character arrives on iPad and iPad 2 with Chillingo, eager to give a lot of war and run around the world in frantic races with some of his most charismatic friends.

The Crazy Bird iPad

The famous cartoon creator, Walter Lanz, has joined the developers of Chillingo to bring us another addictive game full of good humor. The series comes to life in this racing game for all ages.

The Crazy Bird for iPad, Full Speed Mischief
The Crazy Bird for iPad, Full Speed Mischief

This time you can choose from five of the most famous characters of the animated series: Chilly Willy, Winnie Carpintera, Miss Meany, Buzz Buzzard and of course The Crazy Bird .

You will have to slide down the slopes and hillsides all over the world, using your finger to gather momentum and releasing it at just the right moment to make your runner run away.

In addition, in the Crazy Bird you will be able to compete online from your iPad or iPad 2. Take on players from all over the world thanks to WiFi multiplayer, and finish first in the rankings at Game Center .

Here’s the trailer for El Pájaro Loco for the Apple iPads:

If you want to have some fun, just download El Pájaro Loco from the App Store, a car game for iPad with ultra-simple control and great gameplay . Whether you play it alone on your iPad or online, watch out, it’s a snap!